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Hitachi Content PlatformBuilding Open Applications on the Hitachi Content Platform using the HCP REST APIVersion 2.0 (Revision 26)1.1 Summary1.2 Intended Audience1.3 Required Materials1.4 Recommended Reading2 Getting Started with REST2.1 Creating an Object2.2 Retrieving an Object2.3 Deleting an Object2.4 Working with Conditionals2.5 Working with System Metadata2.6 Working with Custom Metadata3 Planning Your Application3.1 Addressing Objects3.2 Managing Objects3.3 Protecting Objects3.4 Retaining Objects3.5 Securing Objects4 Advanced Topics4.1 Handling Errors4.2 Performance Programming4.3 Alternative I/O4.4 Versioning4.5 Retrieving Status Information5 Conclusions6 Appendix6.1 Code Availability6.2 Supporting Libraries6.3 REST API Quick Reference