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3 Planning Your Application

By now you should have a basic understanding of how to work with a repository using the HCP REST API. In this section, we examine some best practices to follow when building fault-tolerant, production-ready applications.


3.1 Addressing Objects3.1.1 Load Balancing3.1.2 Fault Tolerance3.1.3 Disaster Recovery3.2 Managing Objects3.2.1 Region Management3.2.2 Directory Layout3.3 Protecting Objects3.3.1 Authenticity and Checksums3.3.2 Reliability3.4 Retaining Objects3.4.1 Retention3.4.2 Retention Classes3.4.3 Compliance Modes3.4.4 Legal Holds3.5 Securing Objects3.5.1 HTTPS3.5.2 Access Control3.5.3 Data Encryption3.5.4 Data Shredding