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Retrieving an object

You use the HTTP GET method to retrieve an object from a bucket. Retrieving an object means retrieving the object data. To retrieve an object, you need read permission for the bucket containing the object or for the object itself.

By default, a request to retrieve an object retrieves the current version of the object. However, while versioning is enabled for the target bucket, you can use the versionId query parameter to retrieve a specific version of an object.

If a retrieved object or object version has custom metadata, the headers returned in response to the request include the applicable x-amz-meta- headers. For information on x-amz-meta- headers, see “Custom metadata” on page 20.


Retrieving part of an objectConditionally retrieving an objectOverriding response headersRequest headersResponse headersHTTP status codesExamplesExample 1: Conditionally retrieving an objectExample 2: Retrieving an old version of an objectExample 3: Retrieving part of an object