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HCP Data Migrator

HCP Data Migrator (HCP-DM) is a high-performance, multithreaded, client-side utility for viewing, copying, and deleting data. With HCP-DM, you can:

Copy objects, files, and directories between the local file system, HCP namespaces, default namespaces, and earlier HCAP archives

Delete individual objects, files, and directories and perform bulk delete operations

View the content of current and old versions of objects and the content of files

Chapter 1: Introduction to Hitachi Content Platform 9

User accounts

Purge all versions of an object

Rename files and directories on the local file system

View object, file, and directory properties

Change system metadata for multiple objects in a single operation

Add, replace, or delete custom metadata for objects

Add, replace, or delete ACLs for objects

Create empty directories

HCP-DM has both a graphical user interface (GUI) and a command-line interface (CLI).

For information on using HCP-DM, see Using HCP Data Migrator.