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HCP authentication

In an HS3 request that uses HCP authentication, you use the HTTP Authorization header to provide credentials, in this format:

Authorization: HCP access-key:secret-key

In this format:

access-key is the Base64-encoded username for your user account.

secret-key is the MD5-hashed password for your user account.

Here’s an example of an Authorization header for HCP authentication:

Authorization: AWS bGdyZWVu:35dc4c4aa08fe0deab7e292e00eb8e97

With HCP authentication, the Authorization header for requesting anonymous access looks like this:

Authorization: HCP all_users:

For more information on user authentication, see “AWS authentication” on page 48. For information on changing the password for your user account, see, “Changing your password” on page 51.

Appendix B: Alternative authentication method 211

HCP authentication

212 Appendix B: Alternative authentication method