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What the application does

The sample application shown in this appendix uses the HCP HS3 API to:

1. Create a bucket named finance in the context of the tenant named europe (the service point)

2. List the buckets for the europe tenant that are owned by the user lgreen

3. Add an ACL to the finance bucket

Appendix D: Sample Java application 217

Required libraries

4. Store an object named quarterly_rpts/Q4_2012.ppt in the finance bucket, associating custom metadata with the object in the process

5. Store an object named quarterly_rpts/Q3_2012.ppt in the finance bucket

6. Retrieve the object named quarterly_rpts/Q4_2012.ppt and write its content to a new file on the local file system

7. Add an ACL to the object named quarterly_rpts/Q4_2012.ppt

8. Check whether the content of the object named quarterly_rpts/Q3_2012.ppt has changed and, if it has, retrieve the object and write its content to a new file on the local file system

9. Delete the quarterly_rpts/Q4_2012.ppt and quarterly_rpts/Q3_2012.ppt objects from the finance bucket

10.Delete the quarterly_rpts folder from the finance bucket (HCP created this folder automatically when the first object was stored)

11.Delete the finance bucket