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Examples in this book

This book contains instructions and examples for using HS3 to perform the operations listed in “About the HCP HS3 API” on page 5. The examples use a command-line tool called s3curl. s3curl is freely available open-source software. You can download it from http://aws.amazon.com/code/128.

After downloading s3curl, you need to configure it to work with HCP. For information on this, see Appendix C, “Using third-party tools with HS3,” on page 213.

The examples in this book are based on a bucket named finance in which these objects are stored:

AcctgBestPractices.doc (four versions stored and one deleted) acctg/budget_proposals/BudgProp-2013 hum_res/budget_proposals/BudgProp-2013 mktg/budget_proposals/BudgProp-2013< mktg/campaign_GoGetEm_expenses.xls (two versions stored) mktg/campaign_LiveIt_expenses.xls quarterly_rpts/Q2_2012.ppt

quarterly_rpts/Q3_2012.ppt quarterly_rpts/Q4_2012.ppt sales/budget_proposals/BudgProp-2013 sales_quotas_2013.pdf

Chapter 1: Introduction to Hitachi Content Platform 13

Examples in this book

14 Chapter 1: Introduction to Hitachi Content Platform