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Bucket names

When you create a bucket, you give it a name. HCP derives the hostname for the bucket from this name. The hostname is used in URLs for access to the bucket.

In English, the name you specify for a bucket must be from one through 63 characters long and can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphens (-) but cannot start or end with a hyphen. In other languages, because the derived hostname cannot be more than 63 characters long, the name you specify may be limited to fewer than 63 characters.

Bucket names cannot contain special characters other than hyphens and are not case sensitive. White space is not allowed.

The name you give a bucket must be unique for the tenant for which you create the bucket. Different tenants can have buckets with the same name.

You can reuse bucket names that are not currently in use. So, for example, if you delete a bucket, you can give a new bucket the same name as the deleted bucket had.

Tenant administrators can change the name of a bucket any time after you create the bucket. When the name of a bucket changes, the URL for the bucket may change as well.