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Object names

When you create an object, you give it a name. Object names:

Can contain any characters except the NULL character (ASCII 0 (zero)). This includes nonprinting characters such as spaces and line breaks.

Are case sensitive.

Can be up to 4,095 bytes long.

.directory-metadata is a reserved name. You cannot create an object with this name.

You cannot directly change the name of an object. However, you can effectively rename an object by making a copy of it with a different name and then deleting the original. For the object with the new name to have the same ACL as the original object, you need to specify the ACL in the copy request.

16 Chapter 2: Bucket and object properties

Object names

For information on copying objects, see “Copying an object” on page 158. For information on ACLs, see “Access control lists” on page 25.


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