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Bucket owners

Buckets can have owners that correspond to HCP or AD user accounts. By default, when using an HCP user account, you own the buckets you create through the HS3 API. With an AD user account, you cannot use HS3 to create buckets.

Normally, as the owner of a bucket, you can use HS3 to view and change the versioning status of the bucket and to delete the bucket if it’s empty. If you have write ACL and change owner permissions for a bucket you own, you can use HS3 to change the bucket owner to a different user. However, tenant administrators can reconfigure user accounts such that users using those accounts cannot manage the buckets they own.

With HS3, you use an ACL to change the owner of a bucket. For information on ACLs, see “Access control lists” on page 25.

Tenant administrators can take the same actions on a bucket as the bucket owner can. Additionally, tenant administrators can change a bucket to have no owner.

The maximum number of buckets you can own is limited by a tenant-level configuration setting.