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Syntax notation

The table below describes the conventions used for the syntax of commands, expressions, URLs, and object names in this book.





Type exactly as it appears in the syntax (if the context is case insensitive, you can vary the case of the letters you type)

This book shows: ?versionId=version-id

You enter: ?versionId=87288808614529


Replace with a value of the indicated type


Vertical bar — Choose one of the elements on either

This book shows: +0000|GMT

You enter: +0000

side of the bar, but not

or: GMT


[ ]

Square brackets — Include none, one, or

This book shows: http[s]

You enter: http

more of the elements

or: https

between the brackets

( )

Parentheses — Include exactly one of the elements between the

This book shows: folder-name(/|%2F)

You enter: mktg/

or: mktg%2F



Ellipsis — Optionally, repeat the preceding

This book shows: "value"[, "value"]...

You enter: "6ed7faad1e0661c03ad65a4317d4a94c" or: "6ed7faad1e0661c03ad65a4317d4a94c",

"7ad452af1e2f61b33a865c4362be5921" or: "6ed7faad1e0661c03ad65a4317d4a94c",

"7ad452af1e2f61b33a865c4362be5921", "74d824cd5076a1361da128ee18e5a42b"

parameter as many times

as needed

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